Circle The Cat Game :: Original

According to Wikipedia, the expansion of online games has reflected the overall expansion of computer networks. From small local networks to the growth of internet access itself. The object of this online game is to trap the cat with the dark green dots. It can be done. See if you can figure out the secret  to totally circle the cat. 









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Cats Sleep For 70 Per Cent of Their Lives!

We all wish we could sleep our days away sometimes. Who doesn't love the occasional long, lazy nap or sleeping in on the weekends? Cats, however, take this penchant for sleep to a whole new level. If you have a cat, you know they spend the majority of their time lounging about, basking in the sun, or sleeping out of sight. There is a reason they call it a "cat nap."

However, humans don't often realize just how much cats sleep. Cats actually sleep 70% of their lives, which equates to about 16 hours a day. They sleep more than any other mammal besides bats and opossums. There are a number of reasons that cats sleep so much.

As natural predators with few enemies, they can afford to sleep a lot. Also, the need for sleep increases proportionally to the amount of energy required. When cats are actually hunting (or pouncing on that toy mouse you leave out for them), they use enormous amounts of energy. So all that sleep is for something. Source: about.cats.com